Self-Assertion Workshops

Self-Assertion Workshops

Self-Assertion Workshops

Have you ever wondered how wars are won in actual battlefields? Before armies attack their enemies, the king or the head of the army who is in charge of the group would usually deliver motivational speeches in order to boost the morale of his infantry. Similarly, the self-assertion workshops have tremendous effect in mentoring youth around the world. According to Kevin Mincher, British youth leader "Effective youth leadership is the process of empowering young people to willingly be more than they normally would." These workshops bring in new energy that inspires you to take massive action resulting in success.
While different generations of kids do experience unique challenges, one thing remains the same-proper guidance can help them go through these obstacles and find the best versions of themselves in the process. We need a spark plug. Something to ignite us when the body is willing, but the brain is not.
The best motivational speakers are not necessarily the ones with academic credentials. Rather, they are the ones who have a rich portfolio of real-life and real-world experiences that people can learn and take inspiration from and we bring them for you.
You may have read a book and listened to various talks; and watched YouTube videos on motivation, but after a while, the information fades away. As you go through your daily life, you will probably only remember at most 10-15% of that book's information. After all, the act of reading a book isn't memorable. However, attending a motivational seminar is absolutely a memorable event to take part of. This is why you are much more likely to remember knowledge from such an event, compared to having just read the book. Plus, it's a wonderful way to skyrocket your motivation into the stratosphere, where if you are smart about it, you can ride that momentum all the way to accomplishing all the goals you ever dreamed of.

Some of the key strategies shared in our Inspirational talks include:

  • How to raise personal aspirations
  • How to enhance self-esteem
  • Accepting responsibilities and accountability
  • Emotional intelligence
  • How to develop leadership skills?
  • Effective learning and how to be successful in school
  • Real Life Experiences

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