Give Back to Earth

Give Back to Earth

Each year, April 22nd marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 known as Earth Day. Earth Day is bigger than attending a rally and taking a stand; it's about making big stuff happen by getting involved in the cause. It's our time as youth to take this initiative ahead and contribute to achieve the goal of sustainability.
Giving back to Earth Day is not necessarily required to be through a donation for environmental groups. It can be as simple as going out in your community or rallying neighbors together to do a garbage clean-up, and even plant a few trees in order to showcase your motivation to take action on this special day.
To make it different, we have decided to work on this noble initiative throughout the year, we would be planning and executing various campaigns that works in line with the objective of giving back to earth.

Give Back to Earth


Be a part of the initiative originally led by The Master Shift at a global level back in 2015, by planting a seed/tree as a "give back" to Earth.
It's an old Native American tradition that when you take something from the Earth, you must put something back. Earth Day 2017 will be a "give back to Earth" event, as an "offering" for all the planet gives us. Please plant something that is organic, perennial and suitable to the growing conditions in your area.
If the temperature is not conducive to planting on April 22nd, please start growing a plant indoors or commit to planting your tree once the outdoor temperature is warm enough. If you live in an apartment, please plant something in a container or donate a tree to a garden in your area. Please nurture your plantings, like children, until they can sustain themselves on their own.

It is important to keep a certain portion of the planet covered with forests as it is essential for regulating the distribution of rain and snow over the surface, thus, controlling the climate. Every tree planted will assist in stabilizing the climate and provide habitat for various species.
We need your assistance in contacting local organizations, business establishments, schools/universities in your area to get them involved. There is a group page on Facebook for the planning of the event. Feel free to join and offer whatever assistance you can. Everyone is welcome.... All ideas are welcome
We can no longer wait for something outside of us to create change. WE ARE IT.

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