Public Events

Thousand Thoughts offers a variety of public programs for all audiences, irrespective of the age or religion. Our public programs are mainly based on the empirical concept wherein we invite people from all walks of life to participate. We conduct various events and seminars keeping in mind and considering our mission of goal of sustainability, helping those in need to overcome life issues and evolve as a stronger version of themselves.

Corporate Training

We at Thousand Thoughts believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development Programs that have a direct & measurable impact on client's key performance indicators. Thousand Thoughts focuses on productivity enhancement training employing the best tools and techniques.
We also design, develop and deploys training options which are tailored to meet specific need of the organization at all levels. These are based on an in depth assessment and analysis of the existing level of performance. Some of our key training includes:
1. Soft-skills training
2. Time Management Workshop
3. Strategic framework and goal setting
4. Conflict resolution


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Trusted Partners

As they say "Surround yourself with good people, those who are on a similar mission as you're not going to be great at everything. Build a circle of trust, values and commitment that can compliment you so you can work together and create a better place to live.