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Mental Health Summit 2018

Have you ever felt unusually stressed out for a stretched period in personal, social or professional life?
Would you consider a Mental Health Issue more severe than a physical illness?
Do you think you suffer from any mental health problem? Mental health problems include conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar, personality disorders, schizophrenia and psychosis.
Do you think medication is the best treatment for mental illness?

THE TIME IS NOW. Do not ignore it. Fight it.

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Upcoming Events


This October, blow off your mind with a crazy yet mindful weekend. Enjoy the colors of love, peace and revival.
It's a delight to introduce all our lovely folks to the second season of Hrishikesh, with an exalted and blessed success of the first off celebrating life.

With a wish to fly high and a desire to radiate love and merry energies, Thousand Thoughts feel thrilled to welcome you to be a joyful part of Hrishikesh- 2.0, an ecstatic festival to revive your life.

The two day Fiesta is themed to bestow soul kindling and mind refreshing activities exclusively to blossom your life with high spirits and twinkling essence.
Checkout the detailed Itinerary here: Click Here
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Recent Campaigns

Mental Health Campaign

According to the studies conducted by WHO, one in 10 young people experienced a period of major depression, about half of mental disorders begin before the age of 14, across cultures. Yet, regions of the world with the highest percentage of population under the age of 19 have the poorest level of mental health resources.
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Inspirational Talks

Have you ever wondered how wars are won in actual battlefields? Before armies attack their enemies, the king or the head of the army who is in charge of the group would usually deliver motivational speeches in order to boost the morale of his infantry. Similarly, Inspirational Talks have tremendous effect in mentoring youth around the world.
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Give back to Earth

Each year, April 22nd marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970 known as Earth Day. Earth Day is bigger than attending a rally and taking a stand; it's about making big stuff happen by getting involved in the cause. It's our time as youth to take this initiative ahead and contribute to achieve the goal of sustainability.
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